Antonius Moonen

Antonius Moonen

Author of Petit Traité de Snobisme and of a foreword to The Book of Snobs.

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Antonius Moonen is the author of many books, essays, articles and chronicles dedicated to snobbism. His research is published in several European countries: his expertise as snob-watcher is international and multicultural. He also lectures at schools and Universities on the subject and animates, sporadically, workshops on the creation of snob appeal.

His website:

  • Petit Traité de Snobisme
  • The Book of Snobs

Published works

  • Die Welt der Snobs, Reclam Verlag, Leipzig, 1999. (The World of Snobs) A handbook for German Snobs.
  • Kleine Encyclopedie van het Snobisme, Ambo|Anthos, Amsterdam, 2000. (Small Encyclopaedia of Snobbism) A manual for Dutch Snobs.
  • Petit Bréviaire du Snobisme, L’Inventaire—Actes-Sud, Paris, Arles, 2000, 2011. (Small Breviary of Snobbism) An almanac for French Snobs. Also published in Portuguese and Italian:
    Pequeno Brevario do Snobismo, Noticias, Lisbon, 2004.
    Manuale dello Snob, Castelvecchi, Rome, 2007.
    An illegal version also appeared in Serbian (2004).
  • Kleine Encyclopedie van het culinair Snobisme, Ambo|Anthos, Amsterdam, 2002. (Small Encyclopaedia of Culinary Snobbism) A genuine and snobbish cookbook.
  • Beroemd!, Cossee, Amsterdam, 2005. (Famous!) A philosophical and humorous dictionary on fame and immortality.
  • Snob Extrême — Précis de fuite arctique et antarctique, Paulsen, Paris, 2008. (Extremely Snob—a Guidebook for Arctic and Antarctic Escapes) A traveller guide for polar snobs.
  • Snob Appeal — Lo Snobismo dei Sensi, Castelvecchi, Rome, 2008. (Snob Appeal—The Snobbism of Sensuality) An erotic instruction book for Snobs.
  • Manuel de savoir-vivre à l’usage des maîtres et maîtresses de chiens, L’Inventaire—Actes-Sud, Paris, Arles, 2011. (Savoir-vivre handbook for dog owners) A guide for snobbish dogs.
  • Lob (eines Snobs) auf die Anonymität in Kosmopolis Interkulturelle Zeitschrift aus Berlin, Ursula Opitz Verlag, Berlin, #20/2010. (A snobbish praise to anonymity).
  • Der Snob und das Genie in Kosmopolis Interkulturelle Zeitschrift aus Berlin, Ursula Opitz Verlag, Berlin, #21-22/2011. (The Snob and the Genius).