François Boucher, alias Fan Tong

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François Boucher, alias Fan Tong, was born in Paris in 1960. After he graduated from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris and the Collège d’Europe in Bruges, he has lived in China since 1994.

As a freelance journalist, he is the asian correspondent for various professional publications. From the 2000s, he created for the of the French publisher Kailash’s serie called “Mystère et boules d’opium”, the character of Inspector Wang, whose six episodes released to date (Le cheval célesteLe Livre des fermentationsLes Chinoises au bainImmortels et panier de crabes, Petit marché double bonheur, Vendu soit le seigneur du ciel) leads the reader into the tumultuous life of southern China.

Leaving Wang in his last two books, he makes revive the Hong Kong of the 60s and the former French colony of Kwang-Chou-Wan (Fort Bayard) in Voguant vers l’avenir lumineux and De ma jungle, affecTUEUSEment.

Voguant vers l’avenir lumineux was translated into English (Out of time in Wan Chai) and Swedish (Flickan som i Spårvagn hoppade från in Wan Chai). Le cheval céleste the first story of Commissioner Wang was translated into Chinese by Shenzhen Haitian publishing house.

François Boucher created Blue Lettuce Publishing. He is also the author of the endnotes and the afterword of Physique et Psychique de l’Opium.

  • De ma jungle, affecTUEUSEment
  • Physique et Psychique de l'Opium